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novato_core's Journal

bored kids
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Novato is a place real close to San Francisco and we probably like you. Ben used to put on shows at his house in the 1999–2002 era. It stoped for lots of reasons; friends moving away, lots of work, peoples lack of interest, etc. But it was a lot of fun while it lasted. If you were lucky enough to be a part of all the madness, I’m sure you know what we mean…

In the words of Keven Ugly, “To every band that played Ben's house. To everyone who found "Jules" to go to Ben's house. To every monday movie night at Melissa's. To every dance party at Alicia's. To every drop of beer spilled. And to every ugly day. Eye wish you all good luck with your plans outside of Novato. But please, don't forget all the fun we had. You made a theme park out of an otherwise ghost town.”

This page can still be used to talk about upcoming shows, future events, past shows or just as a meeting board to find other rad people in or around Novato and the SF Bay Area.