Not the brightest crayon in the tool box. (evilsmystery) wrote in novato_core,
Not the brightest crayon in the tool box.

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Why does no one ever write in this? I'm just bord and thought I'd say something cause i'm a bord kid in Novato. Stupid town. If I had a car i'd just drive to SF and have fun, but sadly I don't drive, any who. People should write in this. I don't know why you just should. Well That was piontless. Good bye Novato!
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eye love the bored kids in novato.we're recording at trevors house right now! you should come over and party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but I don't know u...
ooooo, the old "i don't know you" exuse for not leaving the house and rockin out,
aw....but i don't..who r u?
keven ugly of midnightmare. bass player of novato core's top gothic exstravaganza! you never went to the now legandary ben's house to see a novato core show?
holy shit...cherry blossom??? wow random shit. yeah i hate to pull out the camp name in public but thats how i know you so yeah :-) uh this is....waffles...yeah. nice to see you.

x*x julia x*x
OMG! Hello u have an lj?..wierdness, small town..
i know. very odd. yeah i have an lj! lets be friends :-)